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New York City

Silber Fuchs: The German translation for silver fox (pronounced silber fooks).

SIlber Fuchs is a family business created by Donald and Denis, born and raised in NYC. Our goal is to create simple, fun and slightly naughty designs. We’ve started with some t-shirts, but hope to expand to different types of apparel and possibly transition some of these designs to home goods. We’ll see where this takes us.

Abdiel Velez



Abdiel Velez is an architect and interior designer from San Juan, Puerto Rico. He obtained his master's degree in architecture from the Universidad de Puerto Rico before moving to New York eight years ago.

He is also an artist who works in watercolor, pencil and ink and specializes in the human form.

After taking a break from his drawing and painting we asked Abdiel to experiment with some illustrations for our Silber Fuchs line. He has been inspired by our collaborations and we are happy to say he is back to his artwork. 

We think he's really got his groove back! :)