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New York City

Silber Fuchs: The German translation for silver fox (pronounced silber fooks).

SIlber Fuchs is a family business created by Donald and Denis, born and raised in NYC. Our goal is to create simple, fun and slightly naughty designs. We’ve started with some t-shirts, but hope to expand to different types of apparel and possibly transition some of these designs to home goods. We’ll see where this takes us.

Anthony Cabrera



I'm a 27 year old Florida transplant that's been living in he city since the winter of 2012 (because if you're going to move from the sunshine state to a place with seasons you always start in the winter). I've been sketching for as long as I can remember. It started just mimicking things I liked like cartoons and what not but it wasn't until recently that I started sketching actual people from their Instagram posts or stuff I find on Tumblr. My typical subject is a bearded man because...well who doesn't love a man with a beard. It's been a fun little artistic journey.

I was pretty excited to work with The guys at Silber Fuchs primarily because I've never really sketched anything for a company before much less a muscly fox in a top hat. It was nice to get out of my normal realm and try something new. There's probably close to 5 or 6 sketches laying around my apartment that didn't make the cut but I was super stoked when we had a final product. Sketching for myself is fun. Bringing someone else's vision to life was definitely a fun experience that I'm looking forward to doing again.

Check out Anthony's work on Instagram @ant_sketches