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New York City

Silber Fuchs: The German translation for silver fox (pronounced silber fooks).

SIlber Fuchs is a family business created by Donald and Denis, born and raised in NYC. Our goal is to create simple, fun and slightly naughty designs. We’ve started with some t-shirts, but hope to expand to different types of apparel and possibly transition some of these designs to home goods. We’ll see where this takes us.

Neil Gilks



 I’m a British creative living in NYC.

Was trained in Fashion design at Central St. Martins and have and enjoyed a near two decade career in design and illustration, and as an educator of both.

In recent years my drawings of men, beards and cock have gained me a strong following of admirers – it’s great to feel this appreciation, especially around subject matters that I love.

I was thrilled when asked by the guys at Silber Fuchs to collaborate on a design – its great to have my work on the backs of many a man.

The bearded leather cap-wearing bear was a bit of a tall order – but I enjoy a good challenge… and was very happy with the outcome. I look forward to bear spotting around the city!

Check out Neil's work on Instagram @neilsecluded