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New York City

Silber Fuchs: The German translation for silver fox (pronounced silber fooks).

SIlber Fuchs is a family business created by Donald and Denis, born and raised in NYC. Our goal is to create simple, fun and slightly naughty designs. We’ve started with some t-shirts, but hope to expand to different types of apparel and possibly transition some of these designs to home goods. We’ll see where this takes us.



Silber Fuchs: The German translation for silver fox (pronounced silber fooks).

Get Fuchs’d!

Silber Fuchs NYC is a gay owned and operated t-shirt company based out of New York City. Creators and husbands , Denis Kohler and Donald Muzio (together 33 years and counting) decided to embark on this small start up after years of working the daily grind for too many years. With a little help from their friends, they have watched it snowball into a fast growing apparel line. Denis, a graphic designer, has come up with most of the designs for the line.


Launched in 2015, Silber Fuchs (Silver Fox in German) came out with their first line of tees. Since then, the company has grown to include caps, mugs, tanks, hoodies and soon to premiere their first swimsuits. Everything is available on their website, silberfuchsnyc.com, and at retail stores in Chicago(Cram Fashion), Ft. Lauderdale(Ball Beachwear), Provincetown(Ball Ptown), Palm Springs(Bear Wear), NYC(Conquete) and San Francisco(Citizen).

With a popular Instagram page, silberfuchsnyc, their 15,000 followers look forward to “Getting Fuchs’d” on a regular basis. Launch parties at Monster Bar NYC, Pop Ups at Rebar and The Ritz, appearances at Cram in Chicago for Market Days and street fairs like Folsom East have all been very successful.


FB: Silber Fuchs NYC

IG:  silberfuchsnyc



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